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The Unfortunate Mustache Uses The Internet

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

It was a year ago that a man with an unfortunate mustache took me to Wal-Mart on a date. If you’re unfamiliar with this tale, you can catch up here.

When I first went on a date with the Unfortunate Mustache, I thought about putting it on My Very Worst Date, and including it in my dating column, and writing about it on the blog, and and and. Because it was just too good a story not to share. It was the story for a while and made an appearance at cocktail parties, luncheons, and around the water cooler.

So when Marie Claire asked their readers to dish on the worst dates of all time I typed away, happily regaling them with the tale. Imagine my delight and surprise when they actually published (the abridged version of) it! So I’m in Marie Claire magazine, and all is right in the world…

Last week the BF and I sat, asses firmly planted on the couch, enjoying a lazy weekend when the beep-beep of my  phone informed that I had a text message:

“Did u write a blog about the date we went on?”

I was confused. I didn’t recognize the phone number and it was an out-of-state area code. I began scouring the jukebox of my memory, trying to figure out who this might be. Did I write a blog about the date we went on? Um, hello, I write a dating blog and column!

So embracing my curiosity (meow), I wrote back with a bold, “Who is this?”

You’ll be shocked to find out (what with all this lead up and all) that it was The Mustache. Who knew the man would still have my phone number! Why did he still have it? Well, that’s like asking about how many licks it takes to get to the center of the tootsie pop.

As it turns out, occasionally people actually use the internet for more than porn and online shopping.  Sometimes they actually read things written there. Cough, cough. Like this, cough cough.

My dear friends at Marie Claire had shared their incredible bad date stories with the fine folks at MSN. And apparently, MSN put it on their home page which is where The Mustache found it.

I had no idea he could read.