Bump Uglies Just Like The Royals Do

I guess I just don’t get all the hubub about the royal wedding. She’s pretty and she wears a lot of hats, cool. He’s a prince who hopefully learned his father’s mistakes, got it. I mean, it’s a news story if they don’t get married…and I understand that a lot of folks are going to make money off of tee shirts and key chains, but I don’t quite understand a commemorative refrigerator:
I do, however, understand wanting condoms to commemorate the big day. Because, clearly, nothing says “I’m obsessed with the royal wedding” like covering your crown jewels in Crown Jewel brand condoms. They’re “lavishly lubed” and “regally ribbed” which says “I love you and am pretending you’re Prince William while we knock boots.”

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3 Responses to “Bump Uglies Just Like The Royals Do”

  1. Rachele Abato Says:

    the royals suck

  2. Jennifer June Says:

    I am buying that fridge right now and I’m stocking it with Crown Jewel Condoms. The whole thing. Stuffed right to the ice maker.

  3. leah Says:

    The fridge is probably now on mega-sale. I was just in London and every gift shop and street vendor was hawking royal wedding goods at 75% off.

    Also, a fridge chock-full of condoms is probably the best visual image, mmm, maybe, ever. You are full of the win. Thanks!

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