It has been exactly three months since I last posted. I am a bad blogger.

So why the lack of posts? Well, it’s not that I’ve been boring and my life has been without misadventure. We all know that isn’t possible. But rather, it’s the opposite. I’ve been so busy that it’s almost boring to talk about. It’s certainly harder to find items to write about (something I never thought possible) now that I’m in a relationship. It’s weird, my life was so public before and I had no problems with this but I also feel like it was more interesting and I had more to talk about.

To catch up a bit, I did move in with the BF–which took up a huge chunk of November and December–carefully taking one car-load at a time and unpacking it and immediately putting it away. This plan was all well and good but just served to drag the process out (and make me crazy!) as I conquered the kitchen one cabinet at a time. Finally I just threw everything into trash bags and dragged the last of it over. I’ve slowly muddled through putting most of it away so that there is now only one room in the house that still resembles an episode of A&E’s Hoarders, thankfully.

I’m still keeping things together on my cooking blog, Bacon & Other Bad Habits, and posting as much as I can depending on how often I cook. But I just don’t know if the same will be true here. Do you all really want to read about the fact that BF cannot find the laundry basket or the dishwasher? Is it interesting to note that someone stole our lawn gnome–a fact I cannot get over but that BF is sick of hearing me bring up? Do you care that there is something in the water making all of our friends pregnant and I am sick and tired of baby showers? That my friends still sometimes marry people I think they shouldn’t?

Maybe you do. Maybe I do too. Bugger, I thought this shit was supposed to get easier. So, is this my Lazarus moment? Back from the dead? We. Shall. See.

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2 Responses to “Lazarus?”

  1. Nina Says:

    Hope you had fun at our baby shower. Two days after you posted this. Maybe the booze helped.

  2. leah Says:

    Your baby shower was rad! Most of them have been actually. But I had attended three in 2011 before March! And there were some I missed! I think everybody was “busy” last year if you know what I mean…

    I think it’s like, when you’re single you feel as though all of your friends are getting engaged/married. Then, when you’re in a relationship you start to feel as though everyone is having babies. It’s a weird cycle being a human. I’m sure next year everyone will be getting married again and the cycle can start anew.

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