The Sex That Made Me Love Sex

“What was The Sex?” she asked.

The Sex, with capital letters. I had to think about it. Hard. Because I couldn’t for the life of me think of one pivotal moment where I decided that this, this was the stuff of dreams.

It’s a little embarrassing I guess but The Sex (with a capital T) happened when I was 17.  He wasn’t much older than I was (18, maybe 19?) but he knew all about The Sex. You wouldn’t guess that people in college have any idea what they’re doing. Traditionally it’s the fumbling and stumbling of the late teens and early twenties that serve as practice rounds for what comes later, but this guy had it down.

He was a playboy. The kind of guy who, by this age, had numbers beyond what many adults will never reach.  And I hated him.

I despised him. I met him only because he had been dating three of my friends simultaneously and I thought he was the lowest common denominator of man. I was rude to him, avoided him, and ignored him–which only made him want me more.  He started courting me.

The more I spurned his advances, the stronger he came after me. And the more I hated him, the more intrigued by him I was.

Until one day I gave in. And not only did I give in to going on a date with this man, somehow I ended up having sex with him that day.

And. It. Was. Awesome.

There had been relations before, but it was precisely the kind of exploratory, not-quite-sure-how-this-all-works, let’s-figure-it-out-together kind of thing you’d expect from teenagers. And that had been fun. I had liked that. But I had no idea what was in store for me on that fateful day when I succumbed to months of courtship, loathing, and sexual tension.

So just what made it The Sex?

He made me the center of attention. Languished over each and every body part. Discovered places that felt in ways I’d never dreamed of.  Somehow all that hatred had magically become so much lust.

Ultimately, once a man-whore always a man-whore and, after being together for almost a year, I ended it. I couldn’t handle the relentless cheating. He loved me, but I would never be enough to satiate his sexual appetite.

He was, however, what unleashed mine.

So, what was The Sex that made you love sex?  Remember comments are anonymous so long as you don’t put in a website.

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