Mama Mia, How Can I Resist You?

I have a girl crush.

It is not my first and I sincerely doubt it will be my last. But nonetheless I have a big fat crush on my dance teacher.

Meow.  Seriously.

Firstly, the class she teaches is “Sensual Dance” and it is made of as much awesome as it sounds. (The best part of it is that my orthopedic recommended that I take a class of this type to help with my arthritis, so it’s also doctor approved. Bonus).  So it’s not terribly shocking that I would have a tiny little girl crush on the woman who once a week guides me through how to take my clothes off slowly and sexily.

It started off as simple admiration. I mean, duh, she teaches sensual dance! What’s not to adore?! But, gulp, it was the day I had to practice my lap dance using her as my partner that it really went over the edge.

I know I’m not the only one. My friend, Aunt Becky, recently wrote a post for our friends at Toy With Me about how she falls in lust with women at Target and on commercials. These crushes are fleeting, but for brief moments get the butterflies stirring within us.  Girls are pretty. I like the way they move.

My girl crush on Mrs. Dance Teacher continued after the class had wrapped up for the holidays due in large part to a flurry of emailing. Perhaps she had a girl crush on me too?

We made a coffee date.

And at our coffee date she presented me with a list of things that she likes about me.  Le swoon.

Apparently I have a sexy vibe. The way I carry myself. An air of insouciance. It leaves her wanting to know more. She thinks I have an intelligence, a depth.

Gulp. I don’t know what else to say so I’ll leave you with this awesome video from ten years ago. Because, clearly, nothing says “crush” like being pushed on a swing after you’ve watched someone wax their car.

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