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Q-Tips Are Romantic

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

“Tell me a sappy story,” I said to my friend, ScarJoII, because I am a girl sometimes and wanted to hear something sweet.  I didn’t know much about this boy she’d been seeing except that he was making her very very happy and that they were moving in together.

“One night, when he came over, he brought me q-tips, because he noticed I was out, and I almost got teary-eyed. I love q-tips, and had totally forgotten to get more. That’s a really weird thing to get gushy over, isn’t it? ” She said.

I don’t think that’s a weird thing to get gushy over. At all.  Often I hear people discuss romance and what is romantic.  And it’s pretty simply simple:  Romance is an act or gesture that lets you know someone was thinking of you without prompting.

Once a guy I was dating brought me avocados.


Why?  Because they were on sale at the grocery store and he knew that I liked them. It was the most romantic thing anyone had done for me in some time.

And when my car was broken into, the guy I was seeing at the time rode his bike over to my house in the rain.  Inside his bag? Garbage bags and duct tape for my broken window, and bourbon and M&Ms for my broken spirit.  I also thought that was very sweet.

ScarJoII went on, telling me about how lovely it was to be in love:

“When I had a flat-tire (and, consequently, had to change it in the rain) I sent him a text, and he was all worried about me…” she sighed.

“That night, he came over and brought me food. Not just any food, mind you, my favorite chocolate cake (from West Hollywood) and my favorite fried “chicken” sandwich (from real Hollywood). Neither of those places are on the way, but he wanted to bring me edible comfort. *sigh* He’s really amazing.”

He sounds pretty amazing girl, I can’t wait to meet him.