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And…It's Over

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Maybe you’ve read all of the books Greg Behrendt has ever written.  Or you’ve seen the movie they made of his self-help series.  And maybe you’re still not clear.

How do you tell if a guy is no longer into you?

Here are some sure fire signs:

I knew the cyclist and I were through when the incessant text messages stopped.  Seriously, our entire relationship had taken place via text. Were it not for my phone I wouldn’t have known I was even dating the guy because I’m pretty sure we went on a total of 4 dates. Maybe. It was probably 3. But he sent me a minimum 10 texts per day.  Until one day they just stopped.

I knew it was over with another guy when he no longer stalked me via the web cam. Yeah yeah yeah, I know that sounds odd, but it was actually flattering. My office had a web cam (don’t ask) and man-of-the-moment used to send me emails and texts about what I was wearing, or things I was carrying, or when I’d have a spur of the moment dance party.  Until, one day he didn’t comment on my inner-office behavior and I knew…it was over.

When another stopped sending me funny emails and youtube videos, I knew we’d come to the end of our road. Making me laugh was his way of romancing me and each day I looked forward to whatever silliness was about to arrive in my in-box.

And when yet another declined receiving the bacon cupcakes I’d made and was delivering to my friends, that too sent the pretty clear message: It’s over.  When a man says no to baked goods it’s not a good sign; baked goods made with bacon inside? Definitely done.

But the clearest “it’s over” I ever got was years ago, when my live-in-boyfriend came home one day to tell me he wanted to date other people.  Strangely, though his was the most direct, it was the hardest to believe.

So, how/when did you know it was over?